The EuroCow 2017 was part of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in Hannover this year. You can see the full Workshop here.

Here are the different presentations and papers linked to the EuroCOW presented to the Workshop:

Orientation and Matching - HRIGI / EuroCow

Biasutti, Pierre; Aujol, Jean‐François; Brédif, Mathieu; Bugeau, Aurélie Uni. de Bordeaux, LaBRI + IMB; Université Paris‐Est, LASTIG MATIS, IGN Disocclusion of 3D LiDAR point cloud using range images
Li‐Chee‐Ming, Julien; Armenakis, Costas York University Matching real and synthetic panoramic images using a variant geometric hashing
Bosch, Marc; Leichtman, Andrea; Chilcott, Denise; Goldberg, Hirsh; Brown, Myron The Johns Hopkins University, USA Metric Evaluation Pipeline for 3D Modeling of Urban Scenes
Jende, Phillipp; Nex, Francesco; Vosselman, George; Gerke, Markus Universiteit Twente, ITC; TU Braunschweig Fully autom. feature‐based reg. of mobile mapping and aerial nadir images for en‐ abling the adjustment of mobile platform locations in GNSS‐denied urban env.

Sensors and calibration - EuroCOW

Gruber, Michael; Wiechert, Alexander Vexcel Imaging GmbH, Austria CALIBRATING AND TESTING NEW ULTRACAM SENSORS
Lin, Dong; Westfeld, Patrick; Maas, Hans‐Gerd Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, TU Dresdenn Shutter‐less Temperature‐dependent Correction for Uncooled Thermal Camera under Fast Changing FPA Temperature
Voges, Raphael; Wieghardt, Christian S.; Wagner, Bernardo IRS ‐ Leibniz Universität Hannover Timestamp offset determination between an actuated laser scanner and its corresponding motor
S. Aghayari, M. Saadatseresht, M. Omidalizarandi, I. Neumann University of Tehran GEOMETRIC CAL. OF FULL SPHERICAL PANORAMIC RICOH‐THETA CAMERA

Systems for mapping - HRIGI / EuroCOW

Ullrich, Andreas RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH, Austria

Near real‐time automatic registration of terrestrial scan data

Riegl, Eisriesenwelt cave (video)

Kremer, Jens IGI mbH, Germany The IGI UrbanMapper ‐ a 2‐IN‐1 Camera for the Efficient Simultaneous Capturing of Nadir and Oblique Aerial Images
Blaser, Stefan; Nebiker, Stephan; Cavegn, Stefan

Institute of Geomatics Engineering, FHNW Muttenz,; Inst. for Photogram., Uni. of Stuttgart

System Design, Calibration and Performance Analysis of a Novel 360° Stereo Panoramic Mobile Mapping System
Eckardt, Andreas; Reulke, Ralf DLR, Berlin, Germany; HU‐ Berlin, Germany On the design of high resolution imaging systems